Chef life

I'm not a trained chef - just a general food nerd! All of my life I've been fascinated with transforming ingredients into delicious and beautiful dishes. For me, the kitchen has always been the most satisfying place to be. Finding a rhythm kneading dough... a kind of peace whilst watching ingredients mix and bubble and a sense of purpose sharing whatever has been made with friends. 

I now spend my days leading the Asparagasm kitchen. From sourcing ingredients and researching products to designing menus and developing recipes - I often can't believe I'm lucky enough do what I do.  

Currently my days involve a creating the restaurant salads, specials and cakes, taking private orders, leading the Asparagasm team and constantly researching the world of food and plants. On busy days creativity happens alongside service and also planning our next pop ups and events - so there is always a lot of juggling going on. I love that the simplest of ingredients can be made into such magical things and how each ingredient tends to be extremely versatile. There is nothing better than finding a new quality of such simple ingredients.

The favourite dishes of the moment are:

- Socca tarts; a chickpea pancake that comes with sprouted sunflower seeds, caramelised leeks and pesto

- Squash shanks with vegetable crackling and all the trimmings

- Figgy pudding with vanilla custard

- Molten hot chocolate with Christmas caramel (need I say more ... yum!)

When in doubt just chill out and focus on the avocados.

Now with this blog I will start to share recipes, tips and reviews of the latest plant based creations and as always, please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Lauren Lovatt