Food Philosophy

For me it's all about plant food. I stick to a lifestyle focused on using top quality seasonal veg at the core. The most important part of all aspects of food is where it is sourced – whether you choose to eat animal products or by-products, if you're vegan or live a fruitarian lifestyle – whatever it is I think if we can connect to the ingredients themselves that’s a good place to start.

I am lucky to live in the countryside next to my farmer and when I go up to London I stay a stone's throw from some amazing organic shops. I try my best to always buy from independents, but when in need would happily pop into a usual supermarket to pick up something. I think it’ all about doing what fits in with you lifestyle and not being too precious about it.

My personal diet involves loads of veg, healthy fats with grains and superfoods as sprinkles. I eat whatever I need – some days I may l eat entirely raw food and others I may go out for a good Indian and enjoy a glass or two of organic red wine – yum!

Luxuries (that feature heavily in my desserts) include cacao, coconut and avocado as products that aren’t readily available in this part of the world. But I do think these ingredients we may classify as superfoods have an exciting part to play in any lifestyle. Offering a powerhouse of nutrition and all sorts of new flavours and textures, whether it’s an avocado & chocolate ganache or a crisp piece of ‘smokernut’ – they are where the excitement is at.

I spend a lot of time going out, going on courses and researching food trends, so a lot of this blog will involve letting you know what's going on out there and hopefully bringing you all the information you need to get creative with food in your own way.

I also love supporting plant based brands, micro distillers, artisan crafters and organic producers, so spend a lot of time looking out for people doing great things, so there will be some of them on here too. Now is the time to get in touch with the world of wellness and make connections with amazing people changing food scene of 2017.

Lauren Lovatt