Meet your Matcha

Ive been quiet of late whilst preparing for the next stage of my culinary journey... With every intention of blogging each week and sharing new recipes there had been a lot on! Spending the first part of the year immersed in team training, cake making and planning for the next Asparagasm events. I am now excited to share that I am flying away for a month – to study at Matthew Kenney culinary!

This has been a dream of mine for ages and late last year, when thinking about the next stages of chef life, I decided I needed to do this for me. To have a break, gather ideas and be totally immersed in the vibrant world of wellness out in californaia. 

Literally sat in the airport writing this and feeling so excited for delicious challenges and ready for a new lease of life living on " the coolest block in america"!!

Get ready for a whole lot of blogging throughout the adventure and Ill be sure to share recipes and ideas as we go.

On that note this recipe is designed to give you superpowers for whatever you are facing at the moment - full of energy clarity and a hit of superfoods...please be creative and interpret as you wish!

Meet Your Matcha

Raw, vegan, gluten free and refines sugar always!

Serves 12-13- one large cake

Takes 45 min (not including soaking time)


This is a delicate and light cheesecake that you can adapt to your needs – I really enjoy keeping it light with vanilla powder and dates to sweeten. I split my cheesecake topping in half; used the vanilla in one layer and just added matcha into the top layer of the cheesecake (half of the mix) then topped with a dark cacoa drizzle to cut through the creaminess and it all goes really well with the base.


But see how you feel – maybe you like something sweeter with agave and then you could marble or zebra the layers? Maybe you’re a matcha man and you make a small cake that is super green….I hope these recipes inspire creativity and give you options.

Chocolate base

1 cup almonds, 1 1/2 cups oats, ½ cup buckwheat, 1 cup dates, ¼ cup cacao, ½ cup water, 2 tbsp cacoa butter, 1/24 tsp salt

Turn almonds, oats and buckwheat into a reasonably fine flour in your blender. Add cacao power and salt mixing until easily distributed then add dates and continue to blend. Once the dates are running evenly through the mix add the melted cacao butter.

Press into a lined baking tray (with Clingfilm over a removable base)


Matcha Cheesecake topping

3 cups cashews, ½ cup agave or one cup soaked dates, tsp vanilla power or extract, tbsp. matcha if doing the layered version, 1 cup coconut oil melted

Thoroughly rinse your cashews and put into a high powered blender(I use optimum) along with sweetener of choice vanilla and coconut oil.

Blend until very smooth.

Split mix into two if marbling or layering and add matcha to the half left in the blender. Blend again

To layer the cheesecake pour one half mix onto the base and allow to set in the fridge at least half an hour – then carefully add the other half.

Leave to set over night and you are ready to decorate.


Enjoy, share and indulge.


This cheesecake will be happy for a week in the fridge.