California dreams

And so it begins - life in the golden state - a place where I'm surrounded by eclectic buildings, exciting people and the most delicious food scene I've come across to date. I spent my first day trying to fit in as much as possible...feeling that the month is going to go so quickly I'm never going to get everything done!

After wandering down Abbot Kinney floating in and out of shops I started the month sampling drinks at Moon Juice - somewhere I have been dying to go to for so long. The brand encapsulates plans based alchemy making it exciting, accessible and of course very delicious. From the shop they create nourishing plant based milks, lattes and juices alongside raw sweets and products. Sprinkled with superfoods I stepped over the road to my destination of choice: Cafe Gratitude - feeling this happy mecca of plant powered delights would set the tone for the trip.

Cafe gratitude is a wholesome vegan restaurant serving all sorts of hearty brunches, delicious bowl foods, rich deserts and a good range of drinks. Their concept is all about creating enjoyable, nourishing food - each one of which is named with an affirmation.

I went for the  'I Am Whole'(bowl) and 'I AM immortal'(latte) not sure if these affirmations quite outline how I'm feeling but guessing there must be something in it....  I was then posed the Question of the day 'whats the biggest surprise is your life so far?'...

Nothing came to me right way as I was over whelmed by the LA cafe scene and jazzy looking dishes flyingg out of the kitchen - but, over the last few days I've had time to think. Realising I'm most surprised that I am actually happy and confident on the path I'm on. Being so shy and quiet when I was younger, I only began to work out who I was when first left home sort of doing what I wanted to do - from there it was a rather bumpy five or so years going in and out of sanity. I guess having stripped everything back and I've come out on the other side going down a pretty wonderful path.

If you would have said that now, in my mid 20s, I would be head chef of a dynamic business, training with the most inspiring people and having so much creative freedom I wouldn't have seen it coming. Loads of hard work, research and practice has paid off and I'm feeling surprised and lucky to have found the path I want to be on.- hopefully making a little difference to the wolds as I go...

Anyway, all the California air, sunshine and superfoods have obviously gone to my head but Im trying to get into this blogging thing and find some sort of voice.

I'll leave you with a recipe that should stimulate your senses and get your thoughts's all about little magic dust...

Moon dusted mousse - rich, decadent delicious and really rather stimulating

makes two portions (if you can resist)

One avocado, 1/2 cup cocoa, 1/4 cup cold brew coffee, 1/4 cup plant base mylk, 1/4 cup soaked dates, tbsp carob,one serving moon dust - at the moment I'm loving brain dust (if you don't have it just add a few tbsp of your favourite superfood like reishi or maca) , 50g melted coconut oil, 1/2 tsp vanilla, pinch salt

In a good blender blend avaoado with coffee, mylk, vanilla and dates (reserving the water). Once mixture begins to look smooth add cocoa, carob, moon dust and pinch salt (I like fine pink Himalayan) at this point you may want to add date water if its a little thick.

Blend again until creamy then add coconut oil for one final thorough blend.

Put into little pots to set in the fridge or eat right away. I love to top this with a combination of golden mulberries, cocoa nibs, raspberry, blueberries or shards of chocolate.


Lauren Lovatt