A Vegan Valentines Recipe

Life's been very busy over the last month - after launching this site I've been in full flow teaching classes, creating bespoke orders and flying to and from London going to shows and events.

There are a few blog posts on the way but to entertain you in the mean time I wanted to get your pulses racing in the lead up to valentines day next week. The chance to dose up on all sorts of wacky superfoods, eat oodles of chocolate and be naughty and nice is just too good to miss.

so give this a go ..treat your lover!!

...OR if you just want to chill out and indulge come to our Date night  supper at Asparagasm this Friday 10th feb to get the full works and with little number presented at the end.

Cheeky Love Stack

Layered cheesecake laced with loved up superfoods

This is the perfect desert for utter indulgence setting the mood for a night to remember.


Makes 4 individual cakes or one large 18 inch

Equipment a good blender, food processor, lined cake tin (with clingfilm over an adjustable base if using large tin)



1 cup almonds, 1 cup gluten free oats/quinoa flakes, 1 cup dates, 1/2 cup cocoa powder, 1 tbsp melted cocoa butter, pinch salt

Additional superfood option - He She Wu tbsp and I like a tbsp algeroba for a malty flavour

Start with your food processor.Add the oats, almonds and salt and grind into a flour. Then add Cacoa, salt and optional superfoods until well distributed. Then you are ready to gradually add dates until a dough starts to form. and finally add cocoa butter and a splash or water until you can roll the mixture into a ball.be careful it doesn't get to wet and sticky so just a tsp of water at a time.

Once you have a desired consistency press into your lined tin or mini chefs rings for individual cakes.

Vanilla cream

3 cups Soaked cashews, 1 cup soaked dates, tbsp vanilla extract, pinch salt, 1 cup coconut oil melted. 1 tbs melted cocoa butter, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1/2 cup cocoa powder. (optional shot of beetroot juice)

Start by soaking you cashes in filtered water for around 6 hours. Reese them very well then they are ready to use. Also soak the dates in filtered water for a couple of hours- this will ensure they turning a smooth caramel rather then leaving any lumps

Add all ingredients except coconut oil into you high powered blender (we love Optimum blender for the best result) whiz for a couple of minuets until you have a smooth creamy and pourable mixture (add up to one cup of the date water if the mixture isn't moving. finally add coconut oil and blend until very well combines - about the same consistency and thick cream.

At this point split the mix into three leaving on part in the blender.


*Beetroot layer

Add 1/4 cup beetroot juice to the mix and blend again - add one more tbsp of melted cocoa butter to help with setting.

pour into a bowl and set aside.


Add one of the set aside vanilla cream mix back to the blender alone with 1/2 cup of cocoa powder and whizz up until very smooth.


* if you don't have beetroot juice just split the mix between cacao & vanilla and decorate with something pink like rose petals or raspberries

Now you are ready to layer.

Be as creative as you like here but we start with the vanilla layer spread evenly over the base (leave to set in the fridge for up to an hour before add ing the chocolate, setting again and then the resperry layer,


At this point you could add some rose petals or chocolate shards then leave to set overnight until firm


the next day you are ready to press out of the tin, decorate even more and then dig in a enjoy!


This will keep for up to a week in the fridge.

As featured in Vegan Living