Cosmic in a cup

The last few weeks have been all about making the most of every moment here in California as time seems to be running away like sand though my fingers. There are so many things to do and see it's been a challenge to pack everything in alongside a lot of creativity at Matthew Kenney L1 and Ive also been working in Plant food and wine with the inspiring Scot Winegard - which has been one of my ultimate highlights.

With each day full of new flavours and foods I have really enjoyed getting into new drinks with the most inspiring concoctions being the elixirs and tonics designed to feed and nourish your mind body and Soul. These alchemistic potions are a trend growing in the UK as we have charcoal lattes, tonca bean smoothies and wellness shots galore but we just aren't doing it in the same way - not quite yet anyway.

In Venice Beach Kombucha and cold brew coffee are on tap as standard, the health food stores are full of probiotic coconut water & electrolyte juice, the coffee is laced with mushrooms and CBD oil is found in nut milks and cocktails - all designed to balance you out, provide a big hit of minerals and send you to another level - It's great! No wonder Abbot kinney is the coolest street in the world - its a place where you can drink the tools you need to have the best day.

I could go on for a while but there superfoods will be a whole other post and also workshop in the near future. In the mean time here are some drink highlights on the Stip and also a chocolate truffle recipe to enjoy while you sip.

TOP 5 Cosmic Cups in Venice beach

1. Moon juice : Spirit dust - Chai, coconut and spirit dust

2. Cafe gratitude : I am Imortal - Almond, shilijat, mucuna mushrooms and more

3. The butchers daughter : Stalks & Leaves - green juice

4. Moon juice again but for their Blue tonic : coconut water, lemon & spirulina

5. Erewhon : Immortal - Nitro coconut super coffee

Further a field the absolute best herbal highs have been at Life house tonics, life food organic and wild living foods - but I'm keeping this strictly venice based.

Now I'm off to get a filthy hippy smoothie with a I am Enlivened shot on the side....

Pumpkin seed truffles

Raw Pumpkin truffles

When drinking all this good stuff whether its a green juice or wellness elixir I like to enjoy a bit of something on the side - so here is a seed based truffle recipe that takes moments to make an a melting moment to eat.

3/4 cup pumpkin seed butter *

1/4 cup maple 

1/2 cup raw cacoa

tsp vanilla

pinch salt

Blend everything together - cool into balls- decorate...Simple!

*To make any butter start with one whole cup of nuts/seeds and blend until smooth - be careful not to overheat and keep scraping down the sides.

**you can use nut or seed butter but pumpkin seed provide a nutritional power house of zinc, copper & magnesium as well as being full of antioxidants and proxies and lighter on the body than nuts