Spring Equinox, Sankalpa & Soup

Today im going to go all ‘Venice Beach’ on you guys – as my trip is coming into its final week and yesterday inspiring yogi pointed out that today is the Spring Equinox. A time when one astrological year dies and a new one is reborn. Perhaps a good time to set new intentions and to put old habits in the past.

Now we are in the time of Aries. The first of twelve constalations used in astrology – the sign that jumps into things feat first because of it’s young care free nature. Which  makes it a perfect time to start thinking about what is next and what you would like the next few months to feel like.

Obviously this is very timely for me and I’m feeling reflective as ever but this is how im looking at it, so…

Sankalpa is sanksrit and means to set and intention – one that starts with ‘I’. something from the heart and an intention. Think right now what that may want to be for this new year. Whether it’s I am courageous, I am creative, I am wonderful – see what feels true to you right now. 

This is an optimistic time – one of confidence and enegy a time perhaps to just go for it -  so, set a goal and see where it may go. 

At this time it’s about tuning in and discovering what you need. On that note here is a recipe for a a cool and spicy recipe that is hitting the right note for me right now.

This dreamy visionary time  is summed up in this Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room - or room of dreams.


Savoury Spring bowl


Spring soup

One avocado

Juice of one lime, cup of spinach ½ celery

One small clove garlic

Tsp salt, ½ tsp cumin, ½ halipno and hanful of coriander to taste.


Method: Blend avocado with green juice and spices until smooth


Serve: in a bowl with cooked quinoa sliced spring onion and coriander to garnish. Drizzle with chilli oil and feel the love.


Chilli oil:

3 red chilies, stems removed 1 jalapeno, stem removed

handfull fresh coriander

large pinch salt

 1/4 cup olive oil

Method: Either use a blender to whiz up and serve


chop everything really fine place in a jam ja with oil and shake for a more chunky dressing