This one's important

This week has been Eating Disorder Awareness week and I’ve been debating what to say and how to say it. As you know I’m currently out in California following my dreams but although I’m surrounded by amazing people, places and experiencing all sorts amazing things certain situations and people have uprooted some old issues.

You may also know this week has marked 6 years since we lost Rishi, who was the most important person in my world at that time. So, with all this in mind I just wanted to share that although it may all seem sunshine and roses these things don’t just do away. Old habits can be hard to leave behind and although I certainly know how to manage my issues and cope with the triggers there have been times where they come up – for me I feel anxious, confused and making a decision is basically impossible whether it’s about food or otherwise. 

The only way I've found to get through it is to talk, surround yourself with the best people, find your purpose, pursue your passions doing what really makes you happy as much as you possibly can.

With so many mental heath issues I also think its vital to highlight that once you are ready to get better you need to look after your mind and body as one. Talking and finding purpose helps you turn the corner from there its a lot of hard work and good nutrition that will help you sustain recovery.

I’m sharing this picture instead of one of a beautifully nourishing cake because as we are finally starting to acknowledge eating disorders aren’t about food they are about people going through really tough, uncontrollable things and just finding a way to deal with it.

It's always so hard to speak out and find the words to say what you are feeling but when you have something to say it's important to say it for yourself and everyone around you. I wasn't going to post this on here thinking this site should be more of a chef portfolio - but the only reason I'm able to do what I'm doing now is because past experiences have driven me forward so all of this is a really important part of my recipe for wellbeing.

I could go on but if you want to read more here is a beautiful piece written by friend Jess Duffin of about healing with food, learning about the power of feeding your mind on all levels and my route to some sort of recovery.…/lauren-lovatt-nutrition-and-m…

Long post but hopefully helpful in some way.