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Nailsworth’s newest café Asparagasm is winning diners over to its delicious vegan, gluten- and re ned sugar-free dishes. Would Katie Jarvis like to take a cookery class from manager- chef Lauren Lovatt? Absolutely. It’s a (Medjool) date.
— Katie Jarvis - Cotswold Life

A few months ago I was very excited when writer Katie Jarvis asked me to feature in Cotswold Life Magazine. Her idea was for me to teach a private workshop for her and her daughter and get an undercover look into all things Asparagasm.

Katie's Cheeky article really hit the nail on the head with the impact we are hoping to have on our customers and made me think about where I'm going with all this.

First and foremost I was so thrilled to see our little cafe's big hopes and dreams were being realised with Locals. Before we opened there was somecepticism before we got going about who would want a vegan, gluten free cafe that doest even do a normal cup of tea with sugar (and we never will!) but also a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm for something different in town. I've felt it for quite some time now and we do have some way to go but it is true that for people from all walks of life and generations are seeking us out and enjoying their first Asparagasms!

Lauren Lovatt cotswold life

"For Lauren, it’s all or nothing. Always a foodie, she’s thrown herself into the Asparagasm philosophy with gusto"


We began the evening talking about how asparagasm began and then spoke about how I started as the Asparagasm chef and my journey into food. Katie highlighted that for me my passion stems from bringing back the links between lifestyle, diet and mental health. The fact Asparagasm is such an amazing brand - one about empowerment, plant passion and with a cheeky and playful attitude - goes a long way in making this way of life accessible and fun.

Her conclusion was an obvious but clever one: to get people to eat well, you not only have to make food delicious; you have to make it cool

 We are all on the spectrum here and its proven food is a big part of enabling people to better manage their mental wellbeing. Nutrition and lifestyle go hand in hand alongside finding your own reason, passion and purpose to get up in the morning and I what I really want to do is create a way to help everyone find their thing.

Although the wellness industry is on the rise and there is so much information out there about 'healthy eating' it conflicts and is confusing. Healthy actually is quite cool right now - although, the vast majority of people are still mind boggled about what a chia seed actually is and how on earth you say Quinoa - not to mention the 'clean eating' backlash and debates..but that is something to go into another time.

All this means that when talking about mental health - especially when you are suffering form any sort of disorder - it can be even harder to get clear information and tools that may just be the thing you need to help you turn that corner. 

When people focus on mental health, they’re often looking at being more open and talking more
about depression and other problems... if people could learn about diet and nutrition, too – about being more sociable and finding things they love doing – and if they could be persuaded to pursue those paths in terms of caring for their minds, it would stop them struggling so much

Ive spent a lot of time trying my best to help people going through some really dark things and then went through an intense time of mental illness myself. It's not easy finding that way out and so many people sadly don't.

It may seem like I'm going off on a tangent here but this evening with katie, the time after and upon reading the article  re-inspired me to evaluate my goals and dreams - really bringing things back to finding a way to share my recipe for wellbeing - with the aim of helping others. 

The beauty of food is that it is something everyone can get and it just so happens to be really handy tool that once you understand how to make it work for you it is the start of a huge improvement in your wellbeing. Through unlocking a few simple nutrition tricks and mind balancing ingredients your mental health can improve tenfold. If by working in a team or connecting with what you are putting on a plate gets you excited and happened to be your passion too then even better. It's those things and connections with anything that can help you feel like you again when going through hard stuff.

What I love about this food is its guilt-free wholesomeness. The fact that it’s easy to do; it’s moral-dilemma-free; it’s without taste compromise; and – without a doubt – even the Daily Mail would have to declare it unambiguously good for you.

I know that it is scary not only to start to want to get better but to change your diet or lifestyle and any way shape or form. after all change is hard for all of us. The point here is that everyone is different and no two people's' stories will be the same - but this really is an exciting box of tricks - full of delicious creativity and mind nourishing flavours that can do so much good. No two peoples journeys will be the same and the flavours they like will be very different but we are all human and if any part of my journey can help you I really want to do that.

Lauren Lovatt - chef

"Baking Bread is better than therapy"

Richard Birtinet

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