Plant Passion + Mind food

I’ve been rethinking this space for a little while. in light of recent events I've had space to thing about what i really want and realised the time is now to make this wishes a reality! The absolute dream is to create a place/products/persona that draws connections between plant passion and mind food –  with everything revolving around boosting and nourishing our Mental Health.

There needs to be a better understanding of the causes effects and symptoms of mental ill health.

To remove the stigma and confusion, routes to recovery need to be clearer, the answers to our questions need to be on one place. For those suffering there should be a practical solution that to get stuck into.

The nation needs to connect with what makes them happy and a Mind Healthy lifestyle needs to be in accessible and aspirational.

So, what if Mental Health was rebranded with a trend for Mind Health?
— The Recipe for Wellbeing - 2014
We are all on a spectrum of Mental Health

Eating a living to feed your mind is not a new concept bit it is FINALLY being recused that what you eat directly influences your mend and general wellbeing.

This idea is about inspiration – connecting people, places, products and passion in one place that may in some little way spark some sort of excitement to those of you reading.

This is just my journey to finding balance and everyone is so different but by hearing and seeing what’s going on in the world and people using plants to d wonderful and crazy things I hope we can start to draw the connections between getting the right fuel whether its from food, life or connections and living a balance life with a happy mind

So Im going to split the Blog into sections:

MIND FOOD – Recipes and tales from the kitchen – always using natural, seasonal ingredients with sprinkles of superfoods.

PLANT PASSION – people with inspiring stories who have set up business, started brands or do things that I find amazing.

PLANT LIFE – reviews and travel guides to show how you can livie in a plant passionate way at home and abroad.

Here we go…

The stronger the culture, the less rules you need