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Raw Juice Camp X Explore RAW

Raw Juice Camp – Holistic Fitness Holidays –  Algarve

2018 camps: May 19th – 26th

Catering for the wonderful Stephanie Jeffs in the picturesque algarve Portugal. Join us for an intensive week of fitness, juice and amazing food.

EXPLORE RAW:Be the best YOU possible!

"Join me in the Algarve for my seasonal bootcamps: as I try my best to get fit too. This is an incredible beach-side experience that will quite literally take your breath away. Set in the beachy hills of Portugal’s gorgeous Vale do Lobo with it’s green and lush landscapes.

‘I created Raw Juice Camp so I could have a place to go where I could try my best to get fit and eat the foods that I want to eat!’

‘I couldn’t find a bootcamp that catered to my needs: I want to lose weight, I don’t want to eat meat, I don’t want to train in the mud and the cold and I want to eat a nutritionally vibrant healing diet: high in raw foods. I want a bit of ‘zen’ thrown in the mix too. I want to stay somewhere warm and cosy and have the luxury of a hot shower and a pool to relax in. I want great accommodation. I want a holiday. I want it all but I couldn’t find it anywhere else. So I created my own bootcamp: Raw Juice Camp is my bootcamp retreat and it works beautifully.’

‘When I asked for green smoothies at regular bootcamps I got laughed at. When I craved chia pudding for energy, living vegan milks for sustenance and green juices following my workouts for the ultimate recovery: few people really understood what I was talking about. When I came in from the runs (always last) the rest of the group were on to their second or third workout. No-one waited for me. I got the ‘slow clap’ welcome and I felt crap. So I set the experience up for myself. So no-one was going to laugh at my muffin-top, my terribly slow running, my craving for green smoothies, my breathless attempts at exploring my fitness or my desperate attempts to yogi myself anymore.’Stephanie

We are the FIRST raw vegan bootcamp that combines a loving, holistic approach with military style fitness. And it really works." 

Stephanie Jeffs